About This Project

Although there are a growing number of blocks and resources available to add content for the Gutenberg editor, the majority of advanced blocks available target the needs of e-commerce and blogging sites.

Many focus on the layout and visual design but don’t offer the display features or ways to mark up the types of content that education sites regularly need to add. Complex sites also need blocks that offer better ways to manage and integrate with data like custom post types, documents, and external data sources.

In the spirit of building the tools that you’d like to see, this project aims to take the common patterns that universities, colleges, and schools use for their websites and take advantage of the cool features available in the block editor.

Project Status

This project was started at the end of November 2019 and it’s still in the early planning and development stages.

If you’d like to contribute, send feedback, or ask questions, feel free to send a message to hello@academicblocks.com.